Ron “Roxy” Brown

Ron BrownRon “Roxy” Brown was born and raised on the eastside of Indianapolis, attending both Junior High and High School with fellow Rhythm King Jimmy Hornaday. Go Tech Titans!

Coming from generations of accomplished family musicians, Ron was surrounded by music at an early age. Being the youngest of 12 children in his family, all his siblings either played something or sang —but no drummer. Thus his fate was sealed!

Ron began playing a Tupperware and wooden spoon drumset when still a toddler, moving on to school groups and eventually bands of every genre, which gives him a diverse catalog of experience to draw from today.

He honed his skills, love and true understanding of the Blues by befriending and playing behind some of the Masters of the craft in clubs on the Southside of Chicago night after night for several years. “Thinking back that was baptism by fire. Walking in initially thinking I got this, no problem. Quickly learned playing music without feeling it in your soul isn’t the Blues and sometimes it is what you DON’T play that matters the most--best pieces of advice I ever got.”

Ron has quite an extensive collection of gear. A sampling includes his favorites: Pearl and Tama drumsets, Kenny Aronoff Signature snare, Iron Cobra kick pedal, Sabian AAX cymbals, and Vic Firth drumsticks. He also has a love for vintage and unique pieces, like his Soultone ride cymbal he uses with The Rhythm Kings these days. Main influences include John Bonham, Ginger Baker, and his pal, Kenny Aronoff.

“Blackjack Davey and The Rhythm Kings is not just a band, it is an experience we pour our souls into—you can’t go wrong with that formula.”