David "Blackjack Davey" Moore

David MooreDavid “Davey” Moore was born and raised on eastside of Indianapolis. He is a self-taught musician, playing the guitar for 36 years…he will play any guitar with 6 strings and make it sing! Every note he plays comes from his heart….the intensity, the fire in his fingertips will have you wanting more after the show is over.

His main influences are Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Billy Gibbons, SRV, Robbie Krieger, Brian Setzer, Frank Sinatra and too many others to list.

As soon as he could walk, he would get up in the middle of the night and turn on the family record player, startling his folks, who would only find him dancing in the living room. His father was a drummer in a rock band and his mother was just a lover of music. They would sing to the radio all the time.

Davey was in several bands throughout his school years - Kaotik, Rydherr, and Mirage, to recall a few. After high school he joined an all original band called Spoyld Bratt. This group was getting some major “looks” in the music industry, even having a highly requested song on local radio stations, but one thing led to another as bands often do and it didn’t pan out. After that, he tried his hand in a Country group called Steppin’ Out, back when the line dancing was huge. They went on to win a state wide contest through a nationally known radio station 104.5 The Bear…getting to open for some major acts, and other great events. Longing to get back to more Rock and Blues, he started up the band Blackjack Davey, eventually joining arms with The Rhythm Kings trio to form a powerhouse Blues-based group.

Davey is always looking forward to the next show…and what lies ahead for him and The Rhythm Kings.