Hailing from west of Indianapolis, this 3-piece ensemble consists of David "Blackjack Davey" Moore on guitar and vocals, James "Jimmy" Hornaday on bass, and Ron "Roxy" Brown on drums.

Each member brings their own vast, unique musical background and perspective, but all share a strong common bond: love of the Blues. With the Blues being the basis of so many genres of music, the band is known for taking familiar tunes from other genres and then “twisting” those melodies and tempos to better represent the Blues. Watching them create something special, familiar but different, all while still honoring the hallowed tradition of the Blues-that is what makes attending a BLACKJACK DAVEY AND THE RHYTHM KINGS show an engaging and fun experience for the audience.

The Blues Foundation, is world-renowned as THE organization dedicated to preserving blues music history and celebrating recording and performance. The International Blues Challenge is the Blues Foundation's signature event that turns all of Beale Street into a five-day big blues venue for more than 230 blues acts competing from around the world, who have all won local and regional events to quality to compete in this prestigious event.

Performing regularly at the legendary Slippery Noodle Inn in downtown Indianapolis, as well as other clubs, festivals, and other private/corporate engagements around the Midwest!

David "Blackjack Davey" Moore

David “Davey” Moore was born and raised on eastside of Indianapolis. He is a self-taught musician, playing the guitar for 36 years…he will play any guitar with 6 strings and make it sing! Every note he plays comes from his heart….the intensity, the fire in his fingertips will have you wanting more after the show is over.

He has been described as “mild-mannered Clark Kent in the daytime, and Superman on stage at night.”

His main influences are Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Billy Gibbons, SRV, Robbie Krieger, Brian Setzer, Frank Sinatra and too many others to list...
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Ron "Roxy" Brown

Ron “Roxy” Brown was born and raised on the eastside of Indianapolis, attending both Junior High and High School with fellow Rhythm King Jimmy Hornaday. Go Tech Titans!

Coming from generations of accomplished family musicians, Ron was surrounded by music at an early age. Being the youngest of 12 children in his family, all his siblings either played something or sang —but no drummer. Thus his fate was sealed!

Ron began playing a Tupperware and wooden spoon drumset when still a toddler, moving on to school groups and eventually bands of every genre, which gives him a diverse catalog of experience to draw from today...
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James "Jimmy" Hornaday

Jim “Jimmy” Hornaday was born on the eastside of Indianapolis and attended Tech High School along with fellow Rhythm King, Ron Brown. Their friendship began even earlier than that, back in IPS #101 Junior High.

Starting out as a saxophone player in his early years, Jimmy always had a love for music and was a featured player in several Jazz bands. Wanting to expand to the world of rock n’ roll, Jimmy took up the bass guitar as a teenager and the rest is history.

With a long and diverse list of bands with varying music styles under his belt, Jimmy became known for his creatively funky style of playing that adds that extra bit of sizzle to even the most mundane bass line. Music is his creative outlet and...
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